Along our journey, Maritime Capital has gained much experience through a range of different acquisitions, creations and joint ventures. A breadth of knowledge and skills sets which were gained over many years of work.

Through our experience, knowledge and skills we have the ability to advise individuals, as well as entities, through tricky situations in order to create positive exits. We pride ourselves on our core strengths which allow us to analyze, in detail, the challenges being faced and how best to overcome them.




Hotel & Estate - Debt restructuring & Asset management

Instructed on behalf of the lending party, to help advise on the commercial asset and redemption of the loan facility. Over the first 6 months a full review and analysis of the asset and loan documentation was completed. This has allowed us to advise on potential avenues and structures that will allow for the full loan to be redeemed.



Baleday Limted - ACQUISITION, management, Sale

Purchased on behalf of a Trust in Gibraltar the assets of a business that operated AGC gambling premises in and around London. The business was acquired for £4.5m plus obligations amounting to a further £3.3m from Administrators (Baker Tilly). This business was sold in November 2011, to Marwyn Group, for a sum to include debt of around c£18m plus interest on an accruing basis.


North London Residential portfolio - Banking advise

The north London family unfortunately fell into a difficult relationships with a high street bank, through the selling of Swap deals. Consequently the c£60m portfolio of London residential properties required a financial restructure with an alternative lender. Through a lengthly due diligence process and an integration of a new analytical management system the portfolio was successfully placed with an alternative lender. We also managed to successfully argue down their Swap debt liability by 75%.


AGC Business - Disposal

Maritime Capital was asked to aid in the disposal of a c£12m multi site AGC business. Due to our knowledge of the gambling industry as well as legal understanding and business profiling, we were able to manage the many moving parts in the disposal, advising consultants on specific tasks and negotiations, and dealing with the purchaser directly.


London residential portfolio - Banking & planning advice

Instructed by a private investor to aid in the refinancing process of his residential portfolio; we were tasked with resolving several planning issues as well as introducing a new lending partner. Over the course of several months, the planning issues were resolved along with restructuring the portfolio’s £20m debt with RBS.


Science Park - Business RESTRUCTURE

Having been brought on to run the science park and manage the asset, the best part of a year was spent transforming the acquired business into a proper property company. The implementation of management systems, as well as lease restructures and educating existing employees on property knowledge, allowed for accurate data to be gathered. This transformation allowed for lending parties to understand the asset in greater detail, leading to a £20m loan facility being leant


Energy company - Business creation

During our time on the science park, we oversaw big infrastructure projects including the management and maintenance of a HV network. We also inherited an EMA which was linked with a Biomass plant on the site. Unfortunately this mechanism to deal with the buy&selling of power created many problems for both parties. In order to resolve these problems we sort to create a new ESCo, which would take over the roles from both parties, creating an efficient and smooth mechanism to transfer power. The business in itself created a value worth up to c£30m.