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Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent is a global leader for science and enterprise with world class laboratories and exceptional office space. The site has a track record for drug discovery stretching back to the 1950’s and continues to lead the way in R&D from the search for new antibiotics to pioneering research across the life sciences;  from developing new therapeutics and diagnostics to unlocking the full potential of immunotherapy and immuno-oncology.

As well as industry-leading laboratories for R&D and bespoke office space, we can help businesses searching for the right location to manufacture their products or store with our bespoke warehousing options – all in a stunning, collaborative and inspirational campus environment.  Thanks to Enterprise Zone status, businesses can also access a range of benefits – from free Wi-fi and funding advice to streamlined planning.

In February 2017, Maritime Capital were appointed Asset Managers of Europes largest Science Park, with Toby being elected CEO and Max heading up the investment team.

For the first 6 months Maritime Capital have been involved in the day to day running of the asset, completing a full and comprehensive analysis on how all elements of the park operate. Given the magnitude and multi sector based tenants situated there, this strategic asset management appraisal was necessary to complete in order to create a master plan moving forward. 

maritime capital

New management systems and operations have now been put in place to make the running of the park more efficient and best optimising the general management.

As a result of the above, further investment and development will occur at the park. Plans to build out new retail, science, leisure and residential areas are being drawn up.  With with active and targeted marketing in place, larger and specific companies will be brought to site, generating a vibrant and collaborative community.