Max began his career as an Investment Agent for a Private Limited Company, initially charged with the negotiations, due diligence research and management of legal parties for commercial property acquisitions. Having gained experience and many contacts in these fields, Max ventured away from the retained entity and set up as an independent investment agent for several HNWI’s.

During this period, Max was brought on to the consultancy team for a financial restructuring of a £60 million London residential portfolio. Max was tasked specifically to review the current asset management approach that the shareholding company utilised. Through a lengthy due diligence process, which resulted in a new integration of strategic asset management systems and appraisals, the portfolio was successfully placed with an alternative lender.

With the strengthening of his client-agent relationships and gained knowledge from previous deals, Max became an asset manager for some of his investment clients. He advised on acquisitions, management, finance broking and asset management strategies for their portfolios.

In 2014 Max and his father founded Maritime Capital, investing in the UK property market, and focusing on retail acquisitions. Max takes particular responsibilities for asset management, planning, investment analysis and all acquisitions. Max was recently promoted to Investment Manager on all joint venture projects with other property companies.

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