Founded by Toby Hunter in 2014 along side son Max, Maritime Capital has a diverse range of investment sector skill sets with a strong focus on retail acquisitions.

Through experience, knowledge and skills sets gain over many years working in the property sector and also being exposed to many transactions, Maritime Capital prides itself on it's core strengths, which are utilised through the investment analysis and asset management of all acquisitions



Value Buyer

We put ourselves into situations where the vendor has a need to dispose of the property at a figure which differs either to the market valuation or our perception of realisable value. 


Market advantage

From 25 years experience buying and selling over £1 billion worth of property, we’ve established prime knowledge, connections, and reputation in our market. 


Value management & value creation

We understand our ‘customers’ (whether they are a tenant or future buyer) needs, and the demand of our product. As a consequence, we are able to correctly price and package our investments to maximise income. We also deliver key features to enable a valuer to feel comfortable in supporting our assessment of the asset. 


Creative thinking & problem solving

Sometimes you instigate change, and sometime change instigates you. What is critical, is the confidence to make the right decisions in the presence of change. Our experience and mental agility has allowed us to profit from shifting sands.


Building design and product creation

Ultimately property is a product, which requires someone to decide to buy or rent. Those products that offer good value within its marketplace will always sell. By creating desirable stock, we are making it easier for our customers to make that decision. 


Debt, Tax, and legal structures

Besides property, there are two assets to be managed, and the rulebook that needs to be understood. Debt and tax, if managed well, can produce profit. A detailed understanding of legislation and corporate structure enables us to maximise their benefits


Risk-reward analysis

By having a detailed financial understanding of the development and investment process, we are able to analyse the component parts that create value. Separately, our corporate acumen allows us to properly evaluate our tenants’ strength of covenant. The combination of these gives us a clear profile of our likely investment return.